Hello! Yes, we are still open and ready to assist you in achieving your lifestyle vision. Zero contact display visits to our Display Centre are available or we can give you a Virtual Tour.


Even with the current COVID-19 situation, here's how we can help you with your Lifestyle vision.

Processing new home builds through our 'Contactless' process

Displays & Consultations:

  • If you can't make it to our display home, but would like a tour - one of our team can take you through everything over a video call!
  • If you are outside of the greater Sydney region, and would you would like to see a display home, our Design Consultants are available for a case-by-case special opportunity to tour past client homes.
  • One of our Design Consultants is based in regional NSW, so if you would like to meet with him, or make a booking with us, please get in touch!
  • If you are in the 10km radius and would like to view our display home, we do have the opportunity to show one person at a time through the display.

Factory & On-site:

  • As we build manufactured homes, our factory will remain open.
  • The construction pause in greater Sydney has now been lifted, and all sites can be accessed.
  • QR Check-in codes are on every site for contact tracing. 




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